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Guardant Health Inc

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Lorenzo Riccio
Carmen Ayachi Acho
Not only can you think of buying in a choppy market like the one we have, remember that you can go short. At this point, it is more profitable to go short than to go long. My stock purchase positions have the minimum percentage x each, by which I mean that it does not affect me if the market falls... Mostrar más Traducir
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Lorenzo Riccio
Neill Garrard
Today’s slide in the market has meant opening new positions on $GH (Guardant Health Inc), $PINS (Pinterest Inc) and $SBUX (Starbucks Corporation), while holding roughly 15% of the portfolio in cash in case of a further slide tomorrow. Traducir
Ricardo Filipe De Almeida Santos
I changed a little bit the strategy: instead of opening the trade after the market closes, I opened 10min before it closed, so I could leverage the biggest volatility that happens when the market opens again. That's why the profit today is already down 1% because I open the following trades, according... Mostrar más Traducir