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-10.22% September 2022
-3.04% August 2022
3.35% July 2022
-4.63% June 2022
-1.12% May 2022
-8.79% April 2022
-1.23% March 2022
-6.74% February 2022
-6.34% January 2022
ShingLong Tan
Looking forward for $NIO (Nio Inc.) deliverables NIO is a company that is targeting on premium smart electric vehicle, which has very good potential in the market against the leading EV companies in China and outside of China. At its market cap of $36.38B, it is trying its best to regain its position... Show More
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ShingLong Tan
Dear copiers and followers, I am posting an update for this month. The only activity this month is investing more into one of the company that I think it has very good and strong background, which is the $VRTX (Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated) . The company looks pretty convincing to me on the... Show More
ShingLong Tan
Dear copiers, hope that everyone is doing fine. Sorry for the late post but I am writing a quick update for July. Basically there's nothing much changes in our portfolio on July except for one of the position was hitting the sell limit due to the big fluctuation and leverage of X2 on $NXPI. But... Show More
ShingLong Tan
Dear copiers and followers, sorry for not providing any updates for the past few months especially when our portfolio looks pretty bad for the several months consequtively. As what we can see from the current situation on the covid-19 and also the Russia-Ukraine War that leads to boycott issues, supplies... Show More
ShingLong Tan
@shinglong80 closed a $VRTX buy position
I just closed the trade at a profit of 22.74%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
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