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Ian Parnis
For years, chipmakers $AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc) and $INTC (Intel) have battled it out for top spot in the industry. As of last Friday, AMD passed Intel in market cap. Though market cap doesn't necessarily indicate which company is doing better, it shows that the market has grown more competitive. In... Afficher plus Traduction
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Na Young Kim
Buy today to get the dividend list **Ex-dividend date 8/4 ** $NSDQ100 $SPX500 $DJ30 The dividend is the amount that will receive this time, and the dividend rate is one year. ASML ADR ($ASML (ASML Holding NV)) Dividend $1.1892 PAY... Afficher plus Traduction
Erick John Endres
2-August-2022 Hi my dear friends, The portfolio is down by at least -0.9% vs S&P500 and NASDAQ100 dropping by at least -0.6% and -0.1%, respectively. I was able to deploy around 2.5% of the cash which slightly improves the annualized dividend yield from 10.25% to 10.28%. Nevertheless, I'm still... Afficher plus Traduction
So with some extra funds that I was able to deposit into the account (triple of the capital that I already had) I was able to open positions in some UK dividend company shares as well as more US ones too. The following were purchased to diversify my portfolio: 1. $LMT (Lockheed Martin Corporation) -... Afficher plus Traduction
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Ricky Cannon
$PYPL (PayPal Holdings) earnings out with a beat on both EPS and a meet on Revenue • Expected $0.85 vs Actual $0.93 🟢 • Expected $6.81B vs Actual $6.8B 🟠 6% increase YoY in number of active merchants & 0.4M net new active accounts. Investors beside themselves that Paypal isn't dead with the stock... Afficher plus Traduction
Christian Rabens