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Ricardo Jorge Fernandez Fernandez
Vale: A value trap? Vale shares are pricing US$70/ton iron ore prices vs. US$119 currently. Value Trap: despite the discounted valuation the key drivers are not positive and should cap upside in the medium term. Three red lines policy: Iron ore demand may have seen an apex as China weens off residential... عرض المزيد ترجم
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Daniel Rowlands
📈 Strategy 📈 Its easy to panic, lose sight of your goals and make the wrong decision when investing, especially during difficult times. One of the best quotes which has always been in the back of my mind is from the great man himself, Warren Buffett. Part of my strategy stems from this quote. Fundamentally... عرض المزيد ترجم
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Daniel Rowlands
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📈 Market Update 📈 The S&P500 hit some resistance on the 200 MA, the below chart shows that the 200 MA was touched then immediately dropped away. This is something I would have expected considering the market has climbed considerably over the last couple of weeks. One of two things will probably... عرض المزيد ترجم