Top Traders’ Insight is a revolutionary tool that just might become essential to your trading. This tool shows you the ten most popular currency pairs traded at the moment by eToro’s 100 most successful traders.

We take the 100 traders with the most profits for the week and show you the 10 currency pairs that most of them are trading at the moment. We also show you what percentage of the traders trading a particular pair are buying or selling the pair.

What can the Top Traders’ Insight do for you? Basically it can save you a lot of work. The 100 traders that have made the most profits for the week must have developed a successful market analysis system in order to make all those profits. So while they do all the work, you can go ahead and imitate their moves!

It’s as simple as that.

Click on the Top Traders’ Insight tab in the eToro community bar to see for yourself.

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