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Daniel Rubio Montes
I read recently some tweets advising we shouldn’t rely on the $SPX500 is going to perform like the past decade and maybe it's true but even if we're entering a 'lost decade' like the 🕺🏻 70's were, if you're a ⏳️ long-term investor you shouldn't pass this opportunity away.... Mostra di più Traduci
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Dean Fredericks
If you are in Europe or Asia and invest in the $SPX500 - this post will be valuable to you! As you may know, $IVV and $SPY are the most popular ways to invest in the S&P500. But the trouble is these ETF's have extremely high 30% dividend tax for everyone outside the USA, while those in the US... Mostra di più Traduci
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Loh Hin Ken
🚀 September Portfolio Update🚀 1️⃣August Performance was down 9.93% 🟢 2️⃣Main driver was the Interest rate and poor overall market conditions 3️⃣Asset Under Management > $50K 💰 4️⃣Looking to add more Market tracking ETF 👀 In October, in a short period of time, we broke June lows. This is scary.... Mostra di più Traduci
respecto al $SPX500 $SPY $VOO $IVV ha estado repitiendo patrones, siguiendo su comportamiento el punto de interés esta en un pullback a la resistencia anterior que adicionalmente tiene el 50% de Fibonacci, podría coincidir con los datos de CPI interanual e intermensual de la segunda semana de octubre. Saludos. Traduci
Hao Ning Ng
September Portfolio Update: Obviously, we are in a bear market. And that means it is more than likely we'll see more red in the portfolio. With that said, my plan to transition toward owning more ETFs is still in progress. I planned to change the allocation of my portfolio to 40% ETF and 60% individual... Mostra di più Traduci