ETF-VFH-Vanguard Financials ETF

VFH Vanguard Financials ETF

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eToro Team
🎉 Here’s a little preview introducing 16 YEARS of INVESTING on eToro 😏🤑 With love, - The eToro Team Oversæt
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Gian Marco Nuvoli
🪓 “David’s Demolition Day” has arrived. Today, Goldman Sachs will begin laying off up to 3,200 employees (~6% of its total workforce) as part of its largest cost-cutting efforts since the 2008 financial crisis. The bank has been hit hard by the market downturn and dealmaking drying up, plus its highly... Vis Oversæt
Gian Marco Nuvoli
FINANCE WHALES The largest asset managers in the world, based on Assets Under Management (AUM). What does AUM mean? It's the total market value of the investments that a person or an entity manages on behalf of clients. Basically, BlackRock controls the world! 🌎 Thank you for Following and Copying. Gian... Vis Oversæt
Gian Marco Nuvoli
$3.7 billion The amount Wells Fargo will pay to resolve allegations that it illegally assessed fees and interest charges on more than 16 million customers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau settlement includes a $1.7 billion penalty, the agency’s largest-ever fine. CEO Charlie Scharf called it... Vis Oversæt
Gian Marco Nuvoli
Goldman Sachs plans to lay off around 4k employees It may be the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also…Q4 layoff time. The latest: Goldman Sachs is planning to lay off as many as 4,000 employees, or roughly 8% of its workforce, Semafor reported yesterday. Goldman Sachs also plans to trim or... Vis Oversæt
Peter Lucas
THE ULTIMATE DIVIDEND ETF PORTFOLIO I can confirm that the dividends we received on the 15th of December were from $VFH We have also received more dividends today these will be from any of the following which are all due for payment $PFF $SPYD $DIA.US $HYG I will confirm which ones have paid... Vis Oversæt

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