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What is the eToro Club?

The eToro Club is a tier-based membership program designed to provide you with excellent financial resources, tools, and more. Membership is divided into five tiers, each with its own premium perks and exclusive features. The higher the membership tier, the more you get!

How do I become a member?

Once you meet the following Tier Balance requirements, you are automatically granted access to the appropriate tier:

* Tier Balance requiredTier Balance is based on the amount of cash and/or investments you have on eToro, however, other factors are considered as well. Click here for more info.

For more information on how to qualify for Club membership, click here:


What do members of the eToro Club enjoy?

  • Exceptional Service
    Valuable insights to help you get the most from your eToro Club experience
  • Extra Advantages
    Earn cash back on certain crypto investments, free subscriptions to premium financial content, and a fun bag of eToro swag!
  • Valuable Resources
    Access exclusive live webinars and hand-picked financial platforms to help you make smart investment decisions.
  • Exclusive VIP Events
    Network and learn from leaders in the investing community as our special guest at top fintech events

Choose the tier that’s right for you

Tier BalanceFor more information about how tier balance is calculated, please see the FAQ section below. $5K $10K $25K $50K $250K
Club Dashboard
eToro swag bag
Live streaming webinars
Exclusive Club promotionsSpecial Club-only offers on eToro promotions
Delta PRO Investment TrackerGet Delta PRO for free. Log in via eToro to unlock the Delta PRO perks: in-depth portfolio insights, live prices, and more.
Trading Central Research & Analysis platform
The Wall Street Journal subscription
Crypto Cashback program* Not available to Popular Investors
* Please see FAQ for more details
VIP entry to eToro Diamond eventsLive events are subject to local Covid-19 restrictions, where applicable.


  • What is the eToro Club?

    eToro Club is our unique membership program that grants members more finance tools and resources, according to their tier.

  • How do I obtain membership?

    Having at least $5,000 in your eToro balance (including the original purchase amounts of your investments)* will grant you the base level of membership (Silver). To reach higher tiers, the minimum required amounts are:

    Gold: $10,000
    Platinum: $25,000
    Platinum+: $50,000
    Diamond: $250,000


    Provided you meet the tier balance requirement, you will be automatically enrolled and see your Club tier change the following day.


    *There may be other factors in determining your tier level. For more information, keep reading.

  • How is “Tier Balance” defined for the purpose of membership?

    Membership tiers are determined by tier balance.


    Here is the breakdown…


    Tier Balance is the available cash in the eToro investing account ➕ total amount invested on eToro ➖ excluded products ➕ cash value available in the eToro Money* account.


    The profit and loss from open positions are not calculated as part of the total invested in the eToro Trading account.


    *Please note that certain features of eToro Money are not currently available in the US. Additionally, cash and assets held on the eToro Options platform are NOT included in your tier balance calculation.

  • For the Tier Balance calculation, why is realized equity used rather than unrealized equity, which includes the profit and loss of open positions?

    Unrealized equity is dependent on the prevailing market rates and is, therefore, more volatile. In addition to eToro’s responsible trading ethic, to create stability and ensure that members are not constantly shifting between tiers the same day or the same week, the tier balance calculation is based on realized equity in order to enable customers to grow their portfolio without exposure to unnecessary risks.

  • How long is my eToro Club membership active?

    You will remain a Club member for as long as you meet the tier balance requirement for a given tier. In the event that your tier balance falls below the minimum, Diamond and Platinum+ Club members can enjoy a year-long courtesy period during which their current membership status will be maintained. Silver, Gold, and Platinum members can take advantage of a generous six-month grace period to continue using the Club tier’s offers and services.


    During your Club membership, you may move between the different Club tiers, according to each tier’s equity requirements. Please note that any subscriptions, services, or other offers will be lost if you downgrade to a tier that is not eligible to receive them. Tier eligibility is subject to change on a daily basis.

  • I qualify for eToro Club membership. When will my status be updated?

    Membership upgrades are automatically processed within 24 hours of the tier requirement being met.

  • How do I know which membership tier I belong to?

    Your membership status appears below your username in your eToro account dashboard, both on the desktop version and on the mobile app.

  • Can other eToro users see my membership?

    No. Your tier level is private. Only you can see your membership.

  • Are there any additional things I need to know?

    eToro provides benefits to Club members according to their tier, as determined by eToro and according to these terms and conditions, which are separate from and additional to the terms and conditions of eToro and any other product terms and conditions in place between you and eToro.


    Individual offers may be subject to change and withdrawal at any time. Specific terms and conditions may apply to individual offers and will be notified with the offer.


    Your Club membership does not have a fixed term. It will continue until you downgrade below the Silver tier.


    We can cancel any Club benefits immediately if, at any time:


    • You are, or we reasonably suspect you may be, using, obtaining, or allowing someone else to use or obtain an account, service, or any money illegally;
    • Your eToro account is, or we reasonably suspect it is, being used for a fraudulent or illegal purpose;
    • Your eToro account is dormant (as per eToro’s applicable terms and conditions), suspended, or blocked and we therefore consider it a risk to the privacy of your personal data to continue providing eToro Club benefits to the details we have on record for you;
    • If we reasonably consider that by continuing to offer this benefit we may break a law, regulation, code, court order, or other duty; or we, or another eToro Group company may be exposed to action or censure from any government, regulator, or law enforcement agency. We may terminate any benefits if we have a reason which is not set out above and it is reasonable (or “valid”) for us to do so. We will give you at least 30 days’ advance notice.
  • How do I receive cashback on crypto fees?

    Diamond members are eligible to receive cashback on eToro fees for non-leveraged BUY crypto positions (“real” crypto). There is no need to sign up for this offer, it is activated automatically for qualifying positions.
    The Crypto Cashback Program is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:
    Only Diamond Tier members of the eToro Club are eligible for this offer. Cashback is offered on the eToro fee, not including spreads, and is activated automatically for eligible positions. Only manual non-leveraged BUY crypto positions (“real”) crypto positions are eligible (no CFD, CopyTrader, crypto redeem positions, or any other asset other than cryptoassets). Cashback applies to both opening and closing volume, and will be paid only after closing via credit to the user’s eToro account balance. The minimum payment is US $5. The rebate will be calculated once a month (aggregated volume per CID) between 00:00:00 GMT on the first day and the last day of each month. This offer is valid beginning March 8th, 2023. Positions opened prior to this date, will NOT be eligible for the cashback.

    * Not available to residents of Austria, Norway, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, UK or clients under FCA, or FSA Seychelles regulation
    * Not available to Popular Investors
    * Subject to Terms & Conditions.