See the world like a trader

With an options app built for the modern world. eToro Options puts the power of options trading in the palm of your hand — all while simplifying the process for beginners and experts alike.

  • Access to leverage-based trading strategy, without all the jargon
  • An incentive-based reward system for active traders
  • Visibility into others’ trades via a social feed
  • ZERO commission or contract fees

*No contract fees refer to per-contract fees that are charged at some major brokerages. Regulatory fees still apply to options trades. For certain services on your brokerage account, we may also pass along a processing fee charged by our clearing firm. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for a complete listing of relevant charges.

How to get 4.9% annual interest on cash

Create your account*
Create your account*

Sign up or sign into the eToro Options app

Deposit funds
Deposit funds

Transfer money from your bank account or your eToro balance

Opt in
Opt in

Sign up for the interest on cash program

*Please note: You must qualify for an options account in order to access this offer. This qualification is based in part on your risk tolerance and investment goals.

Get insights from the community

Similar to the eToro investment platform, you can see what other traders are doing and learn from their actions.

Try before you buy

Explore “draft trading” to experience what an options contract would do if it were in the market — a great way to learn before trying the real thing.


How do I begin investing?

You can start with as little as $10! First, you’ll need to complete the account application in the eToro Options app. Already an eToro customer? Simply select login using eToro to begin.

Once your account is set up, you can begin to fund your Options account. The easiest way is by linking your bank account through the app: Simply navigate to settings, then click Deposit Money. It’s worth noting that deposits can take 3-5 business days to clear, but up to $1,000 will typically be credited to your account immediately as buying power.

I am an existing eToro customer. Do my eToro credentials work on the eToro Options app?

Yes. New and existing eToro users will be able to log in with their eToro credentials.

What are the fees for eToro Options?

eToro Options has zero commission fees and per-contract fees. See full fee schedule here.

How do I earn eToro Options Rewards points?

Earn eToro Options Rewards points when you sign up, when you make your first deposit, refer a friend, and with each eligible trade. One eToro Options Reward point is worth $0.01 (i.e. 100 points = $1). See full terms and conditions here.

How can I redeem eToro Options Rewards?

eToro Option Rewards can be redeemed as cash credit. At the beginning of each month, your account will be credited with the rewards earned.

Does the interest program cost money?

An operational fee of $2 per month applies to each account enrolled in the program. However, for clients with a total portfolio value of $5,000 or more across eToro platforms, this fee will be waived. Portfolio value criteria is based on total asset value at month end.

Is everyone eligible for this offer?

In order to opt in to this offer, you’ll need to be approved for an eToro Options account. This approval is based in part on the risk tolerance and investment goals you provide during registration, which can be viewed in the Experience and Objectives section of your eToro profile.

Is there any commitment required to get this offer?

You need to have cash in your eToro Options account in order to enroll in the program. There is no minimum equity required to opt in to the eToro Options High Interest Cash Program. However, you’ll get the most out of the interest offer if you keep $500 or more in cash in your account. You can unenroll from the program at any time. 

How will I be able to track the interest made on the account?

Your interest will be applied directly to your account around the 15th of each month. You can check your monthly account statements to see the interest earned from the previous month.