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The most in-depth recap of the last three months in crypto.

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This isn’t just market analysis like every other report. We’ll cover those metrics, but with an added focus on community and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd.

– Joshua Frank, Co-Founder and CEO of The TIE

    Exclusive data

    By filtering through the entire Twitter “firehose” (850M tweets per day) and utilizing highly advanced natural language processing tools, The TIE brings you in-depth analysis of crypto sentiment.

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    Learn about trending coins and interesting anomalies. Leverage the wisdom of the crowd in your own trading.

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    Read what the experts are saying about cryptocurrencies, the economy, and our shifting financial landscape.

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    Hear how top traders on eToro are weathering the storms and riding the waves. Listen to exclusive one-on-ones with the founders of popular digital assets.

    About The TIE

    The TIE is the premier provider of alternative data for digital assets. The TIE offers trusted and transparent data solutions powering the leading cryptocurrency institutional investors and market participants.