Embrace a smart and innovative approach to personal investing.
Select a fully allocated, balanced portfolio, focusing on the market segment of your choice.

What are Smart Portfolios?

A Smart Portfolio is a collection of crypto assets bundled together based on a theme or strategy. These portfolios allow investors to invest differently — less focused on individual assets and timing the market and more on a belief in the methodology of the portfolio.

Why Invest in Smart Portfolios?

With this offering, we are determined to give you a successful, innovative, simplified, and dynamic investment experience. Our Smart Portfolios are based on elements derived from research, knowledge, methodology, risk management, and technology.

Benefits of eToro Smart Portfolios


Each portfolio is backed by professional research



The eToro investment team has an in-depth understanding of markets


Technological innovation

The latest technologies are being used to create and manage the portfolios

Risk management

Each portfolio has its own risk considerations and management tools


Portfolios are created and managed using specific and distinct methods

Invest with less

A low minimum investment of $500 and no management fees



  • What are Smart Portfolios?

    eToro’s Smart Portfolios are investment vehicles that bundle together a collection of financial assets. The assets are balanced and rebalanced, based on a predetermined strategy.

  • Who Structures the Portfolios?

    Most Portfolios are created and managed by the eToro Investment Team. Each portfolio is built with a lot of thought and consideration, taking into account factors such as balance, exposure, potential yield, risk and more. In addition, Partner Portfolios are created and managed by eToro’s partners, which include some of the most sophisticated financial companies and innovative startups in Fintech.

  • Are the Portfolios Considered Active or Passive?

    Portfolios are created with a long-term strategy in mind, so they can be considered suitable for investors wanting a more passive approach. However, rebalancing and composition differ from portfolio to portfolio, and, therefore, you should read each Portfolio’s description to get an idea of how dynamic it is.

  • When are Portfolios Rebalanced?

    Rebalancing depends on each portfolio’s methodology. Rebalancing is a means of ensuring that each portfolio is loyal to its strategy and is optimized for maximum results. However, rebalancing periods differ from portfolio to portfolio. Therefore, we suggest reading the information on each portfolio’s page to understand when, and using which criteria, it is rebalanced.

  • Why is the minimum investment $500?

    eToro’s Smart Portfolios contain various financial assets, each of which is allocated a specific proportion of the overall investment. An investment of at least $500 ensures that there are enough funds to open all of the positions needed for the investment.