The Popular Investor Program Upgraded

We’re revamping our Popular Investor program to maximize your earning potential. If you haven’t heard, you can earn additional income on eToro just by being the excellent trader you are. 

Here’s how it works

  • Apply to become a popular investor (the requirements and benefits for each level are below).
  • Get copied by other members of the eToro community.
  • Earn cash every month.

  • For Elite and Champion payments, payments are divided by 12 in order to pay the yearly AUM each month
  • AUM is the total aggregate copy amount of the unrealized equity of the current copiers. 

What’s changed

We’ve increased your earning potential! Once you achieve Champion status, your income will become a percentage of your AUM — and there’s no cap!

Another change is that in our Champion and Elite tiers, your income is not based on the number of copiers but rather the quality of your copiers.

Earn a second income as a Popular Investor

It’s now entirely possible that with enough AUM, you could earn a second (or even primary) income. 

The new Popular Investor program. 

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