Webinar Invite: Ethereum’s Stablecoin Ecosystem and Why It Matters

Join us for an exclusive webinar, featuring Mike Rogers from The Block.

Ethereum transactions generally settle within a minute and fees fall below a dollar per transaction. Notoriously, this is not always the case; we go into why high TX fees and low speed pose a nontrivial, but fairly weak threat to Ethereum’s promising and exciting ecosystem. We’ll also explore the DeFi ecosystem and the proliferation of stablecoins, the offering of stablecoins with much higher interest rates than traditional finances, and the bevy of capital entering the crypto markets for those in search of yield. 

Learn all about the advantages (and disadvantages) of the Ethereum network, when it comes to stablecoins!


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Thursday, May 20th


1 to 2 pm EST


The event will be hosted by eToro’s resident “crypto comedian” Danny Vega, with special guest Mike Rogers. 

Mike Rogers is currently a research analyst at The Block where he primarily concentrates on creating long-form digital asset research reports. In 2018, he founded Millennials In Blockchain (MIB), a globally distributed learning collaborative. The MIB community consists of Industry 4.0 enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, most of whom work in fintech.

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