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Vincent Jarjadian
Dividend received from $BP.L (BP) This UK company pays their dividend in USD. They also pay quarterly - two oddities for UK stocks. They just raised the dividend from 5.46c to 6.01c If you are in the UK, you have likely filled up your car using their product at some point. Make money from them! They... Mostra di più Traduci
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Esther Cenzano
🍃 Daily Forecast – Monday, October 03, 2022🍃 Hi Copiers, U.S. stock markets are set to open modestly higher due to the oil and gas stocks, Let us compare our portfolio pre-market vs our three benchmarks at time of writing this post: 📈 $DJ30 +1.08% 📈 $SPX500 +0.99% 📈 EstherEmilia +0.79% 📈 $NSDQ100... Mostra di più Traduci
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Matthew Duncan
Weekly Update for the 26th - 30th September and Monthly Review. Hello copiers and followers, we were able to have another green week for the third time in a row ending with a 0.25% weekly gain bringing the monthly gain for September to 1.12% ✅. My 7 day average risk score is currently only at 2 with... Mostra di più Traduci
ShaoFeng Li
2022/9/29 $BP.L (BP) 英國石油上漲0.6% 股債雙殺 標普刷今年收盤新低 (投組YTD -45.23%) 聯準會「鷹聲」不絕於耳,經濟衰退擔憂縈繞,恐慌指數 VIX 噴漲,債市拋售潮再現,美股週四 (29 日) 慘遭空頭重擊,防禦性類股抛售猛烈,蘋果暴跌近 5%,台積電 ADR 等蘋果供應鏈慘遭波及,特斯拉重跌近 7%,四大指數盡墨。 道瓊指數週四收黑 458.13 點,標普大跌 2.11%,刷下今年以來收盤新低,那指重挫 2.84%,逼近兩年新低,費半狂瀉 3.29%。 數據方面,美國商務部週四公布第二季國內生產毛額 (GDP) 終值為季減年率 0.6%,優於第一季的季減年率... Mostra di più Traduci
Esther Cenzano
🌸YTD Dividend Income Results🌸 As of September 26, 2022 Hi Copiers, Let us review our portfolio income stream results to date. Below real vs. target: 💰 Monthly: Real $70 vs. Target $60. Accomplished 116% 💰 YTD: Real $292 vs. Target $360. Accomplished 81% 💰 Annual: Real $292 vs. Target$600. Accomplished... Mostra di più Traduci
Gian Marco Nuvoli
Hertz teams up with oil titan BP to install thousands of EV chargers to ease America’s range anxiety A tale of two (electri)cities… Here’s an unlikely pairing: OG car-rental giant Hertz is partnering with oil titan BP to install EV chargers for your weekend getaway. Last year Hertz struck deals to buy... Mostra di più Traduci
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