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Analyst Weekly – The recession playbook Learn about strategies on how to navigate recessions. 👓 🔹 Fears over a global recession have been at the forefront of investors' minds lately, with almost all central banks hiking interest rates in order to curb rising inflation. During these tough times,... Mostra di più Traduci
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Gian Marco Nuvoli
PepsiCo purchased a roughly 8.5% stake in energy drink company Celsius for $550 million. The company bought another energy drink brand, Rockstar, in 2020. $PEP (PepsiCo) $KO (Coca-Cola) @FoodDrink Thank you for Following and Copying. Traduci
Luciano Salvador Quevedo
💥Estamos en un punto importante del mercado, todos hemos notado la reciente recuperación del mercado desde hace ya varias semanas, y que parece no va a detenerse, pero la realidad es que no sabemos hasta cuando durará, ya que existen 2 posibles caminos para el mercado a corto y mediano plazo: ⛔1. El... Mostra di più Traduci
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David Bonachea Martinez
Cambios mensuales de nuestra cartera: Nos desprendemos de $1288.HK (Agricultural Bank of China) y de $AGRO (Adecoagro S.A.) Aumentamos la posicion en $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) $PEP (PepsiCo) y $MCD (McDonald's) Realizare un ingreso para aumentar mi posicion global en eToro. Dare mas detalles adelante. Traduci
Chien-Ming yen
Performance of Assets in My Portfolio,2022.7 (2022.7投資組合下各資產表現,內有中文版) *$SPX500 was up more than 9% this month, and the rebound was quite high in short-term. I think as I said in June ( ), the rebound came from the short-term pessimism of the market. Equity ETFs ( $VOO $QQQ ) and leveraged... Mostra di più Traduci
But then I guess @eToro_Service had different plans? Lol. Hi guys, how come I cant close my positions on $PEP (PepsiCo) and $KO (Coca-Cola) My short order on $RVNC (Revance Therapeutics Inc) is also still pending. Traduci