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Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

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Gencer Genc
Next week earnings release of companies that are in our portfolio and the top 5 that I will be keeping a close eye on... $1COV.DE (Covestro) $DLG.L (Direct Line Group) $PYPL (PayPal Holdings) $SMG (Scotts Miracle-Gro Company) $WBD (Warner Bros Discovery Inc) Traduci
Tayfur Sener
Now that they're done with semiconductors in congress, hopefully cannabis can get another look in before the mid terms and get a boost. Just keep an eye on what Nancy Pelosi .. I mean Paul Pelosi's buying for the next clue. $MJ $CGC (Canopy Growth Corp) $TLRY (Tilray Brands Inc) $SMG (Scotts... Mostra di più Traduci
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Teodor Nica
❞ The strategist, who worked at Oak Associates Ltd. and Deutsche Bank before founding his namesake research firm, called the equity bottom the same month when the 1982 bear market ended. He then repeated the success in March 2009 when the $SPX500 reached an intraday low of 666.79 -- 3,000 points below... Mostra di più Traduci
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Macroing Out 12/07 - Pride Goeth before the Fall Hello there! As some of you could remember, one of the few things I’m bullish on is energy. Gains were good, the trends followed my expectations. I got cocky. I got leveraged. I got burned. Same old story, a little bit of that “I-knew-it-but-I-did-it-anyway”... Mostra di più Traduci