Product Operations Director


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Join our leading product team, passionate about creating the very best products eToro offers to its 20M users worldwide. 

As a Product Operations Director, you will have a leading role in making the product team more efficient by streamlining processes and managing data and tools. This may include streamlining communication within the product team and with other parts of the company, improving and standardizing planning and other critical processes, and helping the product team to scale and get to the next level.

The position calls for someone who can take initiative, a team player who can also work independently, enjoy working hard in a challenging environment who wishes to make a difference.

As a Product Operations Director, you will work closely with Product Managers, Product Marketing and UX/UI designers and help us plan and execute our product roadmap in a better and more efficient way.

What will you be doing

  • Report directly to the VP of Product, and work closely with the teams of Product Managers, Product-Marketing and Design, as well as other stakeholders in the company.
  • Have a holistic view of the Product Roadmap across all product domains, and own cross-domain planning and execution of the key initiatives.
  • Help the team to ensure that the product adheres to the highest standards of the agile methodology, with emphasis on detailed planning of cross functional groups.
  • Responsible for helping the product management team make prioritization decisions based on product data and customer feedback.
  • Ensure that the product organization is equipped to scale and grow consistently and with low friction, and support the growth, with proper onboarding and training.
  • Choose the right tools and use them efficiently - Manage and standardize all the tools used in the product organization (communication, roadmapping, prototyping, user-onboarding, tracking, user feedback, etc)
  • Share the right data (internally and externally)
  • Support the product managers - solve different pain points to ensure they have their time back.
  • Streamline critical and routine tasks and processes - take each of these repeating processes and identify opportunities to streamline them so that they take less of the team’s time and yield more impactful results. 
  • Develop and own the product assets repository to have a knowledge-base fully accessible and transparent.
  • Sync and coordinate rollout plans of new versions, and own the change management protocol.
  • Manage the customer feedback lifecycle.

Want to join? If you:


  • Have proven knowledge and experience in Product Management.
  • Have a track record of successful Product launch and post-launch work. Tell us what you’ve done and how you made a difference.
  • Passionate about Product Management, user experience, and having knowledge and love for technology and design.
  • Experience in companies that employ modern product management techniques.
  • Created and refined processes to get to the right outcomes faster.
  • An ability to execute on and deliver complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.
  • In-depth understanding of Agile methodologies and proven experience in planning and execution of complex projects.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • A can-do attitude and ability to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously 
  • Experience in data analysis and reporting systems, including conversion funnel and engagement & retention analysis, A/B testing etc.
  • Great interpersonal relations and ability to collaborate with multiple functions.
  • Have strong written, verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Have a proven ability to manage and follow up on multiple concurrent tasks and requests on tight deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of quantitative, behavioral analysis and statistics.
  • Team player, that can also work independently.
  • Great Time-Management skills.
  • Ability to think outside the box and come with great initiatives.
  • Strong operations background and track=record of making data-driven decisions


It will also be nice if you:


  • Relevant studies or degree.
  • Have knowledge, experience or background in Fintech, Trading & Investing Apps and Services.
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