ALGO, MATIC, and BAT are the latest crypto assets at eToro!

Our three newest additions to the eToro marketplace make for an eclectic mix of crypto coins to consider for a diversified portfolio. Check them out!


Algorand (ALGO) 

Algorand, a proof-of-stake (POS) smart contract platform, recently raised $100 million in funding to help accelerate development. Launched in 2017, Algorand is an emerging DeFi network with goals of “building the borderless economy and continuing to evolve the blockchain.” There have been a growing number of high-profile projects built on the Algorand platform, including a cross-border payment system developed by two former PayPal employees. Algorand’s native token ALGO, considered the lynchpin of the entire Algorand ecosystem, is mainly used to cover fees within the network. 



Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is another crypto network that has been making the headlines as of late. Most notably, Polygon investor Mark Cuban (an unabashed crypto enthusiast) made his love for the platform’s applications known in his personal blog. Polygon’s foremost mission is to scale the DeFi blockchain with faster transaction speeds, lower gas fees, and less energy consumption, which Ethereum is currently trying to achieve through its Eth2 upgrade. Polygon’s native token MATIC (which Cuban described as “brilliant,” due to its staking capabilities) has gained as much as 9,000% in value (as of this publication) in 2021. 



Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Here is a crypto asset worth your… attention. BAT was developed with the goal of reaching an untapped user base, still in the dark about crypto and the broader DeFi space, by solving “the endemic inefficiencies and privacy violations hobbling the digital ad industry.” The developers at Basic Attention Token have two products: their ultra-fast web browser Brave (which puts the ad “blocker” in blockchain) and BAT, the native token that is used to pay publishers for their content on Brave’s ad platform. The concept has proven successful, as there are 30 million monthly active users on Brave and 1 million verified creators accepting BAT.