ADA and TRX Update

Update: January 27th, 2022. We currently have no plans to end your ability to sell ADA or TRX held in your eToro investment account. We had previously mentioned that we would stop supporting the closing of ADA/TRX positions in Q1 2022. This is no longer the case.

As mentioned in a previous post, eToro has limited transactions in Cardano (ADA) and TRON (TRX) for users in the US. These US users no longer can open new positions in, or receive staking rewards for, ADA and TRX. You will still be able to close existing ADA and TRX positions as you see fit.

When will this take effect?

As of December 26, 2021, US users no longer can open new ADA or TRX positions. Additionally, staking for those assets ended on December 31, 2021. These changes are due to business-related considerations in the evolving crypto environment.

How will this affect investing in Cardano and TRON?

You will still be able to securely hold existing positions of ADA and TRX. You can close those positions at any time — meaning you can still sell your ADA and TRX on eToro and receive USD. Staking rewards will no longer be offered to US users for either asset, with the final reward payout sent to users in USD on January 15, 2022. We are only limiting users from opening new positions. We are not forcing users to sell any existing positions.

Can I move my ADA and/or TRX assets to the eToro Money crypto wallet?

Yes, you can already transfer TRX to the wallet. Learn how here.  We are working to add ADA transfer too. We will notify US users once this functionality becomes available.

What if I’m invested in a Smart Portfolio that contains Cardano and/or TRON?

If you are invested in a Smart Portfolio that includes these assets, they will be converted to open positions in your personal portfolio, available to be held or closed at your discretion.

I’m copying someone who’s holding Cardano and/or TRON. What will happen to those positions?

If you are copying someone who holds ADA and TRX in their portfolio, it is up to their discretion on how they want to handle these holdings. They may opt to sell their holdings. If this should happen, your copy holdings would also be sold, as is standard whenever someone you’re copying sells their holdings. Users, including US Popular Investors, no longer can add to their existing ADA and TRX positions with new purchases. 

Will I be able to close (sell) my existing ADA and TRX holdings?

Yes, all US users can sell their ADA and TRX holdings and receive USD. For clarity, eToro is continuing to accommodate sales and wallet transfers of ADA and TRX for US clients who created those positions prior to the December 26, 2021 cut-off date for new ADA and TRX purchases. This sell accommodation is in place to ensure that customers are able to exit without disruption or harm.

Will eToro force the selling of my ADA or TRX holdings?

We have no plans to force the selling of your holdings. 

Where can I learn more about how to send my holdings to the eToro Money crypto wallet?

Please visit this Help Center article to see how to withdraw coins to your eToro Money crypto wallet.