IT support Engineer

  • Provide first line support and technical expertise to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve customer issues while maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • 提供一线支持和技术专业知识,以进行故障排除,诊断和解决客户问题,同时最大程度地提高客户满意度。
  • Respond to, resolve and document all incoming cases reported by End-users via telephone, ticketing system and other support channels as required
  • 响应,解决并记录最终用户通过电话,ticket系统和其他支持渠道报告的所有问题。
  • Provide global internal support for the entire organization (Locally and Remotely)
  • 为全球组织(本地和远程)提供内部支持。
  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues involving internet connectivity, email clients, VoIP, etc
  • 诊断并解决涉及互联网连接,电子邮件客户端,VoIP等的软硬件技术问题。
  • Manage users and permissions in Active Directory, Google Apps, VPN, internal systems - files servers, Anti-Virus, Terminal Services, etc
  • 管理Active Directory,Google Apps,VPN,内部系统-文件服务器,防病毒,终端服务等中的用户和权限。
  • Identify and escalate priority issues per Client specifications
  • 根据客户的问题安排优先级并升级汇报问题。
  • Monitor customers for Incidents that require investigation, diagnosis, and resolution. Ensure incidents are correctly classified and updated on a regular basis. Work to customer SLA to ensure service is restored quickly to the end-user
  • 监视客户需要调查,诊断和解决的事件。确保对事件进行正确分类并定期进行更新。通过客户SLA进行工作,以确保将最终用户的服务可以快速恢复。
  • Be on the lookout for trends occurring in the environment, gather evidence and facts to raise these to the attention of the team, so the problem can be identified and resolved。And future recurring issues can be avoided
  • 监视环境中发生的趋势,收集证据和事实以提醒起团队注意,以便可以识别并解决问题。 并且可以避免将来出现的重复性问题
  • Follow written procedures, share knowledge among the team, create new documentation for both technical and end-user roles
  • 遵循书面程序,在团队之间共享知识,为技术和最终用户角色创建新文档。
  • Stay current with the ongoing expansion and development of the company - be aware of system information, changes and updates
  • 与公司的持续扩展和发展保持同步-了解系统信息,更改和更新
  • 3~5 years of related IT experience
  • 3到5年IT相关经验
  • Have experience with supporting medium to enterprise organizations
  • 有支持中型企业的经验
  • Strong technical abilities in many diverse technical fields, a basic understanding of Windows environment, Active Directory services, Networking。
  • 在许多不同的技术领域具有强大的技术能力,对Windows环境,Active Directory服务,网络具有基本了解。
  • Working knowledge of computer hardware and physical device interfaces, experience with managing corporate systems
  • 具有计算机硬件和物理设备接口的工作知识,具有管理公司系统的经验。
  • Ability to multitask
  • 具有多任务处理的能力
  • Ability to work effectively and under pressure in a team structure
  • 在团队结构中有效工作并承受压力的能力
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (English)
  • 较强的口头和书面沟通能力(英语)
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