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Vincent Jarjadian
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Dividend received from $MMM (3M) $MMM are a dividend king and have been raising their dividend for longer than many of the viewers of this post have been alive. They make so many products that people use every day. They are vulnerable to litigation risk but I am still happy with their dividend. They... Meer weergeven Vertalen
Alexey Averikhin
📰 Bullets from the Day 📰 🟢 Fisker $ FSR will start selling its Ocean electric SUV in India next July and could begin local production of its vehicles within a few years 🔴 Brent oil fell below $84 per barrel yesterday for the first time since January 14 🟢 Bulletproof glass manufacturer 3M $MMM... Meer weergeven Vertalen
Szilard Fabian
3 reliable dividend kings down and makes a great buy for future returns' $SWK (Stanley Black & Decker Inc) $MMM (3M) Vertalen
Saul Concepción
Dominicaanse Republiek
My apologies, today I can't open new position on $NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation) $MSFT (Microsoft) $GOOG (Alphabet) $MMM. We have an alert of a Fiona hurricane in my country and today everything was closed. I thought to transfer no work until Tuesday. We continue our strategy (dollar cost average).... Meer weergeven Vertalen
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Bjorn Crienen
Learn with me post 49!! 📚🤓 ⚙️ New day new topic! Topics are ranging from well-known to unknown investing tools for any type of investor! Don’t want to miss any posts? Consider following me to stay up to date! 👉🏼 Today’s topic: Payout Ratio 👉🏼 What is a payout ratio? The payout ratio is a financial... Meer weergeven Vertalen
Wonder Nxumalo
In this video I show you how to quickly find dividend paying stocks using TradingView. You need to change to whichever market you're looking to buy stocks in. $V (Visa) $VIG $MMM (3M) Vertalen