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Utilities Select Sector SPDR

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Wojciech Slowinski
Please find attached my regular analysis of ETF industry sectors’ fund flows and performance. As I have mentioned in the past, it is one of the information that I follow when I make decisions about asset and sector allocation. The five best sectors in terms of YTD performance and YTD fund flows as... Meer weergeven Vertalen
Szilard Fabian
Main indices return this year: $SPY $SPX500 $DJ30 $NSDQ100 $XLU When will $apy end the year? What are your thoughts? A, below 3,000 B, 3,000 - 3,500 C, 3,500 - 4,000 D, above 4,000 It is a C for me. Vertalen
John Keating
Portfolio returns for 2022 Week 38= -23.63% YTD✔️ Realised profits /This month 0.04%✔️ YTD 0.77%✔️ Past one year 3.32%✔️ $XLU $XLV $XLP $MRK (Merck & Co.) (Merck & Co.) $VTIP FUNDAMENTALS An undervalued Portfolio which also pays a dividend. 3.50% Vertalen
Crassus Investments PTY LTD
$XLU $NEE (NextEra Energy Inc) My Big Short - This Sector Is Ripe To Crash! I have the privilege of accessing the minds of highly astute investors and traders from around the world and in this video I'm sharing with you a thesis I've learned from them. The following people have expressed their... Meer weergeven Vertalen
17.64% up this week. Bear market in equities continued. The shorts worked. Looked like that the $BTC / $ETH post/expectation from last week played out (declines in crypto over the weekend front run the decline in equity markets in the week after that weekend). Account is now in the green. With the... Meer weergeven Vertalen
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Patricia López
UPDATE POSITIONS (%) IN MY PORTFOLIO (Setember 23th,% value): $FIW.US 13.27% $SWDA.L 12.81% $QQQ 10.33% $XOP 8.50% $FTEC 8.45% $XLU 6.84% $BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway Inc) (Berkshire Hathaway Inc) (Berkshire Hathaway Inc) 6.13% $CTVA (Corteva Inc) 4.69% $VOO 4.51% $VGT 3.84% $SHIP (Seanergy Maritime Holdings... Meer weergeven Vertalen