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51.8999 2.2030 (4.43%)
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Leonardo Casale
$AXS Axie Infinity price not out of the woods yet as AXS slides toward $30 Axie Infinity price is at risk of sliding further toward $30 as buyers are nowhere to be found. A few lines of defense may emerge before AXS hits the pessimistic target. The bulls will face a stiff hurdle at $67. Dịch
$AXS Axie Infinity price set to dip lower as AXS bulls disappear Axie Infinity price shattered the $58.22 to $69.22 demand zone, flipping it to a beaker. Investors can expect a 25% crash upon the retest of the demand zone’s lower limit at $58.22. A decisive close above the $69. Dịch
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