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About Bitcoin / Canadian Dollar

This currency pair compares the value of Bitcoin (BTC) with that of the Canadian Dollar (CAD), known as the ‘loonie’. How to trade BTC vs. CAD: Currency pairs that include at least one crypto coin are subjected to changes in the global trends surrounding crypto trading, the price shifts of other digital assets, press and speculation around it, and the size of the coin’s network, which affects its credibility and acceptance levels. Since Bitcoin is the first and original blockchain currency, it has received a lot of media attention that makes each of these factors more impactful. The Canadian Dollar is also sensitive to changes, mainly because Canada’s economy relies heavily on trade. 65% of the country’s GDP is based on trading and Canada plays an important role in global natural resources export. The Canadian Dollar is also affected by reports coming from the Bank of Canada. If you think the price of Bitcoin is expected to increase against the Canadian Dollar, you can open a long position. If not, consider opening a short one and selling the currency. Track this instrument for more updates and news on the current BTC/CAD value.
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