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What is the eToro Club?

The eToro Club was created as a way to show appreciation to our valued clients. Membership is divided into five tiers, each with its own premium perks and exclusive features. The higher the membership tier, the more offers are available to you.

How do I become a member?

There’s no need to apply for eToro Club membership. All current eToro members are Bronze tier, which is not part of the Club. Once you meet the following equity requirements, you are automatically* granted access to the appropriate tier:

* Tier balance required For more information about how tier balance is calculated, please see the FAQ section below.

For more information on how to qualify for Club membership click here:


What do members of the eToro Club enjoy?

  • Exceptional Service
    Personalised assistance, including valuable insights to help you get the most from your eToro Club experience. Additionally, Silver and above Club members have the option to receive assistance via WhatsApp
  • Financial Advantages
    Lower fees & other discounts, crypto staking rewards, plus an exclusive eToro debit card* offering market-leading FX rates.
    * Available in select regions
  • Valuable Resources
    Exclusive access to live webinars and hand-picked partner platforms to help you make smart investment decisions.
  • Complimentary Subscriptions
    Access leading digital financial publications with premium financial content.
  • Exclusive VIP Events
    Attend some of the fintech industry’s top events as our special guest, and receive complimentary tickets to sporting and cultural events.

Choose the tier that’s right for you

Tier balance requiredFor more information about how tier balance is calculated, please see the FAQ section below. $5K $10K $25K $50K $250K
Club Dashboard
Dedicated Account ManagerAccount Manager assignment is based on availability. Please see your Account Manager’s details in your Club Dashboard.
Live Webinars
Exclusive data-based Smart Portfolios
eToro debit card (connected to GBP account) Available to members residing in the UK.
Crypto StakingFor more information about crypto staking on eToro, click here. 55% 65% 75% 85% 90%
eToro Tax ReportTo see if you are eligible to receive this offer, please review our list of countries here. Generate Now.
Discounted Tax ReturnFor more information, please see the FAQ section below.
Delta PRO Investment TrackerGet Delta PRO for free. Log in via eToro to unlock the Delta PRO perks: in-depth portfolio insights, live prices, and more.
WhatsApp – Direct Service Channel with Account Managers
Weekly Market Analysis Email
eToro Club Trading Academy
Discount or exemption on Conversion FeesSee details here.
Interest on Cash BalanceActivate here. Currently available to all Club members except in US or under FinCEN, or FinRA. See T&Cs. Learn More 2% 4% 5% 5.3%
No Withdrawal FeesExemption from withdrawal fees. Please click here for more information on fees.
The Wall Street Journal Subscription
Free Insurance up to 1 million EURO or AUD
Invitations to Top Tier Industry Events
Tickets to Handpicked Sporting EventsAn invitation to a top sporting event in your region. Ticket distribution may be limited based on availability.
Access to leading digital financial publications Platinum+ enjoys 1 choice; Diamond Club members get 2 choices.
Crypto Cashback ProgramFor more information, please see the FAQ section below.
Invitation to a Diamond Member EventDiamond events are subject to local Covid-19 restrictions, where applicable.
Airport Priority PassPriority lounge access at major airports. For more details, please contact your Account Manager.
This is not investment advice.
Please note that the offers presented on this page are based on your language settings and may not be available based on your location.
*The insurance covers claims of Eligible Clients (of eToro (Europe) Ltd. and eToro AUS Capital Limited) suffering losses due to the unlikely event of eToro’s insolvency and in case of Event of Misconduct (as defined in the applicable Policy). The insurance covers: (i) up to 1 million Euro or AUD (depending on the regulated entity); (ii) up to the aggregate limit purchased by eToro; and (iii) subject to an excess amount (as defined per applicable Policy).

The insurance covers cash, all CFD positions, and securities. Note that cryptoassets trading (non-CFD) are not covered by the insurance, as set in the applicable Policy.


  • What is the eToro Club?

    eToro offers a wide range of services and tools to customers, according to their membership tier to enhance their experience and their understanding of the capital markets and our various investment offerings, such as stocks, crypto, Smart Portfolios and more.

  • How do I obtain membership?

    eToro Club membership is determined according to the client’s tier balance as of midnight GMT each day. Provided you meet the tier balance requirement, you will be automatically accepted and see the club tier change the following day.

    Silver: $5,000
    Gold: $10,000
    Platinum: $25,000
    Platinum+: $50,000
    Diamond: $250,000

  • How is “Tier Balance” defined for the purpose of membership?

    Membership tiers are determined by tier balance. We can break it down this way…

    Tier balance is the available cash in your eToro trading account ➕ total amount invested in the eToro trading account ➖ Excluded Products ➕ cash value available in your eToro Money account.

    Please note:

    • Excluded products for this purpose are:
      • Leveraged CFD* positions
      • Crypto positions if you are a UK resident
    • The profit and loss from open positions are not calculated as part of the total invested in the eToro trading account.
    • For UK residents with an eToro MoneyFarm ISA, the value will be included in the tier balance calculation.

    *CFD trading is a method of trading in which an individual engages in a contract with a CFD broker, rather than purchasing the underlying asset directly.

  • For the Tier Balance calculation, why is realised equity used rather than unrealised equity, which includes the profit & loss of open positions?

    Unrealised equity is dependent on the prevailing market rates and is, therefore, more volatile. In addition to eToro’s responsible trading ethic, to create stability and ensure that members are not constantly shifting between tiers the same day or the same week, the tier balance calculation is based on realised equity in order to enable customers to grow their portfolio without exposure to unnecessary risks.

    eToro is now a one-stop shop that can help you manage your trading, crypto and even your bank account, in one place.

  • How long does my Club membership last?

    You will remain a Club member for as long as you meet the tier balance requirement for a given tier. In the event that your tier balance falls below the minimum, Diamond and Platinum+ Club members can enjoy a year-long courtesy period during which their current membership status will be maintained. Silver, Gold and Platinum members can take advantage of a generous six-month grace period to continue using the Club tier’s offers and services.


    During your Club membership, you may move between the different Club tiers, according to each tier’s equity requirements. Please note that any subscriptions, services or other offers would be lost if you downgrade to a tier that is not eligible to receive them. Tier eligibility is subject to change on a daily basis.

  • I qualify for eToro Club membership. When will my status be updated?

    Membership upgrades are automatically processed within 24 hours of the tier balance requirement being met.

  • How do I know what membership tier I belong to?

    Your membership status appears below your username in your eToro account, both on the desktop version and on the mobile app.

    If you are a Club member you will also be able to see your personal eToro Club Dashboard. View your Club Dashboard here.

  • What is the Club Dashboard?

    The eToro Club Dashboard is your point of reference for anything connected to your Club membership: view your membership tier status, see all the Club offers you are eligible for, and contact your dedicated Account Manager.

    The Club dashboard can be accessed here when you are logged in to your eToro account.

  • Can other eToro customers see my Club tier?

    Absolutely not! Your tier balance level is private and, therefore, only you can see your membership.

  • Can I receive a discount or an exemption on Exchange Fees?

    The exchange fee discount and exemption apply to non-USD deposits and withdrawals via eToro Money or bank transfers, depending on the region, and are granted according to membership tier.

    • Club members in the EU and UK will receive discounts when using eToro Money only.
    • Club members in all other regions will receive discounts via bank transfer only.

    The discount is provided based on Club tiers as follows:

    • Diamond members: Exempt from exchange fees
    • Platinum and Platinum+ members: Receive a 50% discount
    • Silver and Gold members: Receive a 25% discount

    Please click here to check eligibility.

  • What are ‘exclusive data-based Smart Portfolios’?

    Exclusive data-based Smart Portfolios use predictive algorithms to identify top traders on the platform. eToro leverages these data sets to create next level, data-driven investment strategies which optimise long-term gains while still maintaining a strong focus on risk management.

    With millions of registered users, generating billions of metrics, eToro is the perfect breeding ground for Machine-Learning technologies.
    Using advanced data science tools, eToro leverages these data sets to create next level, data-driven investment strategies.

    These Top Trader Smart Portfolios are available exclusively to eToro Club members to add to their portfolios with a minimum $5000 USD investment.

  • Are there any additional things I need to know?

    eToro provides offers to Club members according to their tier, as determined by eToro and according to the following terms and conditions which are separate from and additional to the terms and conditions of eToro and any other product terms and conditions in place between you and eToro.

    Individual offers may be subject to change and withdrawal at any time. Specific terms and conditions may apply to individual offers and will be notified with the offer.

    Your Club membership does not have a fixed term. It will continue until you downgrade below the Silver tier.

    We can cancel any Club offers immediately and at any time if:

    • You are, or we reasonably suspect you may be, using or obtaining, or allowing someone else to use or obtain, an account, service or any money illegally;
    • Your eToro account is, or we reasonably suspect it is, being used for a fraudulent or illegal purpose;
    • Your eToro account is dormant (as per eToro’s applicable terms and conditions), suspended or blocked and we, therefore, consider it a risk to the privacy of your personal data to continue providing eToro Club offers through the information we have on record for you;
    • If we reasonably consider that by continuing these offers we may break a law, regulation, code, court order or other duty; or we, or another eToro Group company may be exposed to action or censure from any government, regulator or law enforcement agency. We may terminate any offers if we have a reason which is not set out above and it is reasonable (or ”valid”) for us to do so. We will give you at least 30 days’ advance notice.
  • Which offers are available in my language?

    The eToro Club caters to the global community and, therefore, may align specific offers according to what is relevant to a Club member by their language and region.

    When a client sets their language preference on the eToro platform, they will be presented with offers based on this language setting. For instance, Club offers in English will be presented to clients whose platform language is set to English.

    In the event that there are no language-specific offers available in the member’s language, English-language offers will be presented.

  • What is the Discounted Tax Return offer for eToro Club members in the UK?

    UK eToro Club members, you are eligible to receive a discount on your choice of three reputable tax providers who can help you with your self-assessment tax return.

    Choose from Get Tax Done, TaxScouts or Pie, to provide this service. The decision regarding which of these top companies you select is entirely up to you.

    About Get Tax Done

    Get Tax Done is a UK-based tax return team of specialists providing a quick and easy solution to finding an accountant to file your self-assessment tax return to HMRC. You will be paired with a Get Tax Done accountant who will collate the information you provide, prepare your tax return and file your return to HMRC, all for a low one-off fee.

    The discount for this service is determined by your eToro Club tier and is calculated based on your Club membership status as of the day when the proposal is requested:

    • 25% discount for Diamond
    • 20% discount for Platinum+
    • 15% discount for Platinum
    • 10% discount for Gold
    • 5% discount for Silver

    About TaxScouts

    TaxScouts is an online personal tax service combining easy-to-use tech with expert accountants. Get your self assessment sorted by an accredited UK-based accountant in as little as 48 hours, for a low, fixed fee, no matter how complicated your tax return. Rated 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot and ranked #1 across Trustpilot tax categories.

    The discount for this service is determined by your eToro Club tier and is calculated based on your Club membership status as of the day when the proposal is requested:

    • 25% discount for Diamond
    • 20% discount for Platinum+
    • 15% discount for Platinum
    • 10% discount for Gold
    • 5% discount for Silver

    In addition, we have also partnered with a third-party company called “Pie.”

    About Pie

    Pie empowers users to seamlessly manage their taxes in real time through open banking connectivity. It facilitates expense reconciliation, and tracks income, profits, and losses, directly linking to HMRC for efficient tax submissions. Enjoy 24/7 access to CIMA chartered tax assistants for queries and assistance. 

    The discount for this service is determined by your eToro Club tier and is calculated based on your Club membership status as of the day when the proposal is requested:

    • 50% discount for Diamond
    • 25% discount for Platinum+
    • 20% discount for Platinum
    • 15% discount for Gold
    • 10% discount for Silver
  • How do I receive cashback on crypto fees?

    For more information about the cashback on crypto fees offer, please visit our eToro Help Centre.

  • What is Delta PRO and how do I get it?

    As an eToro Club member, you get Delta PRO for free with no need to provide any payment details. Simply log in via eToro to unlock all of the Delta PRO perks, such as in-depth portfolio insights, live prices, and much more. See for all of the information on what Delta PRO has to offer.

    Looking to import your eToro assets? By linking your eToro brokerage account, all of your assets will be synced in a breeze. New transactions will also be added automatically — like with any other wallet, exchange or broker. This gives you a crystal-clear overview of all of your assets.

    Delta has created a seamless integration for eToro users. You can kickstart your Delta experience by logging into your eToro account, opening the side menu and pressing the “Log In” prompt on top. After logging in, all of your data will be stored safely and securely. From now on, you can log into any device via your eToro account without having to recreate your Delta portfolio.

  • How does Interest on Balance work?

    How is the interest calculated?

    Each day, eToro that qualifies for interest (excluding any payments made on credit lines, outstanding fees, or prior interest payments). Next, the annual interest rate is divided to reflect the daily rate. At the end of each month, cumulative interest is calculated and credited to your eToro account balance.

    When is the interest added to my account?
    No later than the 5th working day of the next calendar month.

    Can I withdraw the interest that I receive?
    Yes, absolutely.
    Please note that this offer is valid only as long as you continue to meet the eToro Club’s eligibility criteria. If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding this offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    For more information see the T&Cs.

  • What is the eToro Tax Report and how can I generate it?

    The eToro Tax Report is a free, itemised account of your eToro transactions. It contains all the relevant information to help you file taxes according to the laws specific to your country of residence.

    The eToro Tax Report is free of charge and available to eToro Club members in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

    Those eligible can find the eToro Tax Report in Account Settings. Click on “Account” and look for “Tax Report” under the “Documents” section.