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About Ethereum Classic / Swiss Franc

Following this currency pair will allow you to track the value of Ethereum Classic, an open-source decentralised cryptocurrency founded in 2015, in Swiss Franc, the official currency of Switzerland. How to trade ETC vs CHF? Different factors can influence the value of each currency. For Ethereum Classic, any shift in the global sentiment around digital asset trading and other leading cryptocurrencies makes a difference. More specifically, the value of the original Ethereum influences the value of ETC since it was created by users who rejected a hard fork for the original cryptocurrency. As for the CHF price, it is influenced by the Swiss National Bank’s decisions, but is less sensitive to changes compared to other economies, as Switzerland’s economy is relatively safe, and the Swiss Franc is considered a trading safe-haven by many. Trading this currency pair should be done based on each trader’s view and expectations. Those who believe that Ethereum Classic value will increase vs the Swiss franc should buy more of this crypto coin and open a long option. Traders who foresee a different outcome should sell the coin and open a short option. Add this currency pair to your watchlist and get the latest updates on ETC/CHF price movements.
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