ETHEUR Ethereum/Euro

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About Ethereum/Euro

This pair measures the price of a single unit of Ether (Ethereum) in Euros. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and a popular platform among blockchain developers. While its market cap is less than that of Bitcoin, the fact that Ethereum was used to create many other cryptocurrencies means its dominance in the market is quite overwhelming. This pair enables traders to open a long (BUY) position if they believe the ETH/EUR chart will go in favor of Ether, or a short (SELL) position if they think the ETH/EUR price will align in favor of the Euro (via CFD). Since the Euro is a fiat currency and Ethereum is a crypto, each can be affected by different factors. For example, the Euro can become volatile due to events relating to the European Union’s economy, while Ether could remain unaffected. In contrast, Ethereum could become volatile when regulations or legislation impact the crypto market, while the Euro might not be fazed by such events.
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