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Cristian Gabriel Nicolescu
Is $FB (Meta Platforms Inc) Stock A Buy Right Now?! Full In Depth Stock Analysis & Prediction For The Next Year And 5-Year Stock Price Predictions Today, I'm going to share with you my opinion about Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook as well as go through their financials, do a fundamental... Show More
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Luca Rampin
Portfolios need to be created in such a way that they survive bad days. Should not have a portfolio only based on things going well. What is my strategy? Diversification and Dollar cost averaging (DCA) I pick quality companies (and ETFs) when buying shares. Research is the first step before buying... Show More
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Geffry Opuhara Salmon
If you like daily market news, add me to your watch list 🥇 YTD return recap: Nasdaq:-18,85% 📉 Sp500: -10,5% 📉 Our portfolio : -1,45% 👌 We holding out well when everything is falling appart thank to our assets allocation strategy. We also got plenty of cash to buy wonderfull companies at good price... Show More
Gian Marco Nuvoli
Scrap: Meta is reportedly selling Diem, the group running its Libra cryptocurrency project, to Silvergate Capital for $200M. Meta’s faced regulatory backlash over Diem since it was announced in 2019. Thank you for Following and Copying $ETH $BTC @CryptoPortfolio @CryptoEqual @Crypto-currency @MetaverseLife... Show More
Arnaud Lazare
Dear Investors, Copiers and Followers, the premarket is rather neutral today for our portfolio, as new inflation data has just been released. The employment cost index rose by 1 percent, while U.S. Consumer Spending fell, indicating that U.S. residents are cautious in light of covid and inflation. Thanks... Show More
Andrea Antico