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November is a big month for online shopping 🎁 🔸 2022 has not been a good year for online shopping stocks. With growth slowing after the pandemic, the share prices of stocks such as $AMZN ( Inc) , $EBAY (eBay) , $SHOP (Shopify Inc.) , and $BABA (Alibaba) have taken a hit. However, the long-term... Show More
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Dear Copiers and Followers, spend your time and money on things that will improve your quality of life. Use money to: - Make more money (investing) - Feel good (healthy food) - Enjoy life (travel) Use time to: - Make more money (skills) - Feel good (exercise) - Enjoy life (spend time with loved... Show More
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Francie Marie Realuyo
Don't forget that there's a business behind every stock. Study it! 🙂 And when you buy a stock as a long-term investment, buy it as an "owner". $NSDQ100 $SPX500 $DJ30 $SPY $GOOG (Alphabet)
Francie Marie Realuyo
🧠 𝗞𝗻𝗼𝘄 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗼𝘄𝗻 👇 You have to know what you own, and why you own it. This will allow you to make better investment decisions. If you just bought a stock because the price is going up, there's a big chance that you'll lose money. ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ If you have a long-term investment... Show More
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Luca Rampin
Di recente hai notato un aumento delle spese nella vita di tutti i giorni e non sai il perché? Spero che leggendo questo articolo troverai la risposta! Clicca nel link qua sotto per leggerlo! $BTC $ETH $FTT $SPX500... Show More Translate
Luca Rampin
The best Black Friday sale is in the stock market: S&P 500: -16% off NASDAQ: -29% off Dow Jones: -6% off Stack assets. Not bills. $MSFT (Microsoft) $AAPL (Apple) $GOOG (Alphabet) $AMZN ( Inc) $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) $META (Meta Platforms Inc) $NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)

About Alphabet

Alphabet is a multinational conglomerate that was created in 2015 following a restructuring of the internet technology company Google, which was founded in 1998. Alphabet operates as the parent company of Google and its subsidiaries. Its aim is to make information and knowledge available for everyone. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and operates around the world. Alphabet's operational segments include Google Services, Google Cloud, and Other Bets. Products and services offered by the Google Services segment include advertising, Android, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, and YouTube. The Google Cloud segment provides infrastructure and data analytics platforms as well as tools and services for enterprise customers. The Other Bets segment focuses on the sale of internet and TV services, in addition to licensing and R&D services. Alphabet's consumer electronics strategy is guided by its artificial intelligence research. In addition to developing hardware products, such as Pixel smartphones, Chromebook, and Google Home, the company is also focused on device-agnostic software products such as Google Assistant. The business continues to trade under Google’s former stock ticker GOOG. Alphabet is publicly listed on the NASDAQ. Add GOOGL stock to your eToro watchlist to start tracking Alphabet’s share price today.
Mountain View, California, US
Sundar Pichai, MBA
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