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🚨 Attention In our efforts to keep improving your trading and investing experience at eToro, we sometimes need to shut down some features for a short period of time. Bearing this in mind, we'd like to inform you that core functionalities may be intermittently unavailable between 11:00 PM GMT on... Show More
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Dmitrii Ishutin
💡 The technology sector has been under pressure since the start of the year. One of the main reasons was the publication of the minutes of the latest Fed meeting, which pointed to more "hawkish" rhetoric from the central bank. In particular, investors are wary of an earlier key rate hike.... Show More
Francesco Petrella
🍫 Who would have thought that $HSY (Hershey Co) still had it? I bought it in June 2021 on rumours of Warren Buffett’s interest and am up 14% since. The stock marginally outperformed the $SPX500 last year: not bad for a large cap in the food sector with a 10% annual growth estimate over the next 5 years... Show More
Cosmin Gheorghe Cosma
📉 Pre-market Losers: $MNDT (Mandiant Inc) down 7.30% $GMED (Globus Medical Inc) down 2.58% $PTC (PTC Inc.) down 1.79% $HSY (Hershey Co) down 1.56% $EXEL (Exelixis Inc) down 1.53%
Investing in what you consume, is one of the best strategys who can invest in, if you are not into stocks, or you don't understand de fundamentals of a company ( you can always learn..). In this post I show you some of the companies you may know, and actually you use their products... $WMT (Walmart... Show More
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Hershey Co
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