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About iShares Gold Trust

The iShares Gold Trust ETF is an exchange traded fund that aims to track the LBMA Gold Price, which in turn seeks to generally reflect the performance of the price of gold on stock markets around the world. All iShares ETFs are backed by the portfolio and risk management of the fund manager BlackRock, which has been an ETF provider since 1997, offering over 300 different types of ETFs. The fund was established in 2005 and uses USD as its base currency. The fund provides investors with exposure to the daily price movements of gold bullion, offering a practical and efficient way for investors to hold physical gold. The fund removes the complexities of buying, transporting, storing, and insuring physical gold, as the underlying gold bars are held in vaults around the world, with an inventory list available on the issuers website. This ETF uses a grantor trust structure and is generally considered a very stable fund, providing investors with convenient, cost-effective access to physical gold. The iShares Gold Trust ETF is listed on the NYSE Arca, where it trades under the ticker IAU. Add this fund to your watchlist on eToro to monitor changes in the IAU price chart.
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