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About iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF

iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF is managed by BlackRock, Inc. Launched on 24 July 2000, its primary objective is to monitor the performance of components comprising its benchmark, the Russell 2000 Growth Index. The Russell 2000 Growth Index examines the performance of large-capitalisation US companies characterised by comparatively higher price-to-book ratios, medium-term I/B/E/S estimates, and sales per share over a period of five years. This index is updated every year to ensure that the companies already listed still reflect growth characteristics and that new companies with the same characteristics are included. iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF intends to invest a large proportion of its resources in the securities that comprise the Russell 2000 Growth Index, as well as in securities with similar high-performing traits as those in the index. The fund provides investors with exposure to US companies that dominate their respective industries and are considered very stable. Investors can use this fund to diversify their mix of US securities and tilt their portfolios towards stocks with observable growth traits. The top sectors in which iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF operates are healthcare, information technology, consumer discretionary, industrials, financials, consumer staples, materials, real estate, communication, energy, utilities, and cash and/or derivatives. Its base currency is the US dollar. iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF trades on the NYSE Arca using the ticker IWO. Add IWO stock to your eToro watchlist.
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