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IXJ iShares Global Healthcare ETF

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About iShares Global Healthcare ETF

Founded in 2000, iShares is based in New York, New York. One of the world’s largest providers of ETFs, it handled nearly $2tn worth of assets in 2020. Operating internationally, iShares offers a range of ETFs designed to help investors diversify their portfolios. As a subsidiary of Blackrock, it has managed the iShares S&P Global Healthcare Sect.ETF since 2001 and tracks the performance of the S&P Global 1200 Healthcare Sector Index. The iShares S&P Global Healthcare Sect.ETF is known by the ticker IXJ on the NYSE Arca. As of 2020, this fund included 111 stocks, with total net assets of over $2.2bn. In October 2020, this fund had a 52-week high of $74.08 while reaching a 52-week low of $51.07. The IXJ share price hit a high of $74.08 in September 2020. This ETF showed a 21.58% 1-year return as of August 2020. The fund holds assets that include pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies. IXJ stock holdings include Johnson & Johnson, UnitedHealth Group Inc, Roche Holding AG Dividend Right Cert., Novartis AG, and Merck & Co Inc. To receive instant updates on IXJ price changes, track this instrument by adding it to your eToro watchlist today.
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