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About 9F Inc

9F Inc is a Chinese internet technology company based in Beijing. Founded in 2006, the firm provides various technology services, predominantly serving the finance and consumer industries both within China and internationally. Services provided include online wealth management for mid to high net worth clients, ecommerce services, credit assessment and consultation, and consumer financing technology. The firm also provides online stock investment services and insurance brokerage services in Hong Kong, along with a range of consumer financing technology services in South East Asia. Consumer financing services include loan products, wealth management, and payment facilitation products. The firm provides its services mainly through a digital account platform. 9F Inc also owns and operates a smart credit account product, One Card, which facilitates shopping mall instalment, credit card management and related services, and an online shopping platform known as One Card Mall. The firm, headed by president and CEO Lei Liu, is committed to strengthening technology enablement going forward, with a focus on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. The company went public in 2019 and is listed on the NASDAQ, where it trades under the ticker JFU. Keep an eye on the price movements of JFU stock by adding it to your eToro watchlist.
Beijing, Beijing, US
Lei Liu, EMBA
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