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Roblox $RBLX (Roblox Corp.) now has 58.8 Million daily active users who are playing more than 13 Billion hours every quarter
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About Roblox Corp.

Roblox Corporation is a technology enterprise that provides a digital platform where people can share experiences through gaming, entertainment, social media, and toys. The company was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters in California in the United States. This video gaming enterprise operates internationally, with Roblox games played all over the globe. The software is accessible on all devices including Android and iOS Apple devices. Roblox can also be played on PlayStation and XBOX. The company commits itself to provide users with immersive 3D experiences that can be safely enjoyed by all ages. Roblox has more than eight million software developers and provides more than 20 million experiences. As of March 2021, the firm had paid $329m to community developers. Players partake on the platform as avatars to allow for freedom of expression. In December 2020, Roblox acquired, a company specialising in real-time facial animation technology. Roblox launched its IPO in March 2021 via a direct listing. The firm issued approximately 200 million shares of common stock, which were priced at $45 per share. Prior to its initial public offering in March 2021, Roblox received $585m from investors and was valued at around $30bn. After the IPO the company was valued at around $40bn. The company trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the RBLX stock ticker. Diversify your investment portfolio today by buying RBLX stock.
San Mateo, California, US
David B. Baszucki
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Upcoming Earnings

Roblox Corp. Q4 2022 earnings report is expected to be released before market open

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