ETFProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude OilSCO


ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil

23.53 -0.58 (-2.40%)
Delayed Prices By NASDAQ, in USD Market Closed
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eToro Team
📢 ATTENTION This is a leveraged product, which involves increased risk. Leveraged ETFs track assets and try to multiply their returns. For example, if a 2x leveraged ETF were to increase in value, that increase would be double an identical, non-leveraged ETF. However, if that 2x leveraged ETF decreases... Show More
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My portfolio is up 11.20% in the past day! check it out $NSDQ100 $NATGAS $AMRS (Amyris Inc) $SCO
Vakhtang Mindiashvili
Dear copiers, i opened position in $SCO with small exposure and will add more if price will fall lower. Position in $USO has been closed. As other target for portfolio i look at $TMF and will add this instrument to portfolio in the end of August.
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ChunLung Chen
Long-term bearish stock market, there will be a rebound this week, do not consider entering the market.Awaiting Fed rate decision and corporate financial reports. $SCO $USDJPY $SPY
The portfolio of this account will be build in pairs and cash ETF, now it already have $TQQQ & $SQQQ in 7:3 ratio plus $UUP as secure fund which may profit from interest rate hike. Next, I will explore the best ratio for $SOXL & $SOXS and $UCO & $SCO to complete the whole portfolio. The trading strategy... Show More
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ChunLung Chen
Oil prices open lower and higher,Because the volatility is too high, the position has been reduced,Entering the market to buy some stocks to grab the rebound,Long-term stock market still bearish, $SCO $MSFT (Microsoft) $FDX (FedEx Corporation) $GM (General Motors Co) $BAC (Bank of America Corp)