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About Songbird

Songbird (SGB), recently introduced by Flare, is a blockchain system for the Canary Network. Hugo Philion, the initiator of the modular building system, is the CEO of Songbird. He co-founded this blockchain system with Sean Rowan, who acts as the Chief Technological Officer (CTO). Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the supply of SGB crypto tokens in the market is limited. Songbird crypto coins launched on 17 September 2021. Flare is a linker network incorporating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It commutes smart contracts to programs recognisable by computers to establish communication between different blockchain networks. Songbird enables the use of tokens on networks without smart contracts and in a non-custodial manner with scalable smart contracts. Flare, which operates Songbird, is a decentralised smart contract platform utilising a Federated Byzantine Agreement-based consensus. The Canary Network focuses on limited token supply in order to increase the value of tokens in the network. Follow this crypto asset on your eToro watchlist and stay up to date on SGB value changes.
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