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About ProShares Short S&P500

ProShares Short S&P500, headquartered in Maryland in the US, is a leveraged exchange-traded fund (ETF). It is one of several members of the ProShares family of businesses that provide various financial products. The parent company, the ProFunds Group, was founded by Louis Mayberg and Michael Sapir in 2010. ProShares Short S&P500 seeks daily investment results equivalent to the opposite (inverse) of the S&P500, or ‘-1’ of the underlying target in a single day’s trading. ProShares Short S&P trades on the ARCA stock market under the symbol ‘SH’. As of the 14th of August 2020, ProShares Short S&P500 underperformed over the preceding year, yielding a price return of - 24.9% against a gain in the SP ETF of 19%. In the preceding three months, the company also underperformed in the stock market ETF, returning -16.9% and -3.3% respectively against the SPY’s returns of +18.7% and +3.2%. The company’s stock price reached a high of $33.58 in the three years before August 2020. The lowest point during this period was $20.34. ProShares Short S&P500 is worth $2.87 billion, which is considered a Mid Cap stock, as of August 2020. Considering whether to buy SH stock? Keep an eye on the chart and follow the company’s progress by adding it to your eToro watchlist under SH.
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