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About Stellar / Swiss Franc

The unique Stellar, or XLM, is a cryptocurrency with one of the highest caps in the world. The Swiss Franc, or CHF, is highly regarded by investors and financial institutions. The XLM CHF pairs two currency titans into one financial product. Learn more about the XLM CHF: Unlike many cryptocurrencies, Stellar has an incredibly high cap of 103 trillion coins. There are currently 7 billion coins on the open market. This means that supply and demand are less of a factor than with other cryptocurrencies that often have a hard cap on the number of coins available. Similar to the XLM, the CHF doesn’t suffer from a shortage of supply, with the Swiss Franc positioned as the seventh most traded currency in the world, just behind the Canadian dollar and just ahead of the Chinese yuan. In order to invest in this currency pair, you need to decide in which direction XLM value will fluctuate when compared to the Swiss Franc. If you believe the value of XLM will rise against the CHF, you need to open a long position. But a belief that XLM will decline against the CHF requires a short position. The Stellar and Swiss Franc price can be tracked on the eToro platform.
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