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About Stellar / Japanese Yen

This currency pair compares the price of Stellar Lumens, a blockchain cryptocurrency, to that of the Japanese Yen. When trading XLM vs. JPY, pay attention to these tips: Stellar Lumens were first released in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, who is also the co-founder of the cryptocurrency, Ripple. The network has been joined by over 30 banks, and has formed collaborations with top enterprises, including Deloitte and IBM. The Japanese Yen is a popular reserve currency, as well as the third most traded coin globally. The Japanese government tends to intervene to ensure its exchange value. The JPY is sensitive to changes in Japan's export-based economy and due to the country's strong reliance on foreign sources for its various industries. Trade this currency pair according to your personal belief. If you think that the XLM price will rise compared to JPY, open a long position. Otherwise, consider opening a short position. Interested in trading this instrument? Follow it for news and updates on the current XLM/JPY value.
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