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The ZEC/JPY currency pair compares the trading value of Zcash, a cryptocurrency that is mostly known for its strong protection and permissionless trading, with that of the Japanese Yen, the official currency of Japan. What to keep in mind when trading ZEC vs. JPY? Zcash is a blockchain cryptocurrency, and as such, it is subjected to shifts based on global crypto trading trends. Major news related to crypto trading, unique performance and achievements reached by leading coins, new regulations that either limit or expand its usage - these are all elements that influence ZEC price and acceptance levels. The price of the Yen is mostly affected by the decisions taken, and reports published by The Bank of Japan and the Japanese government. The government believes in intervening in order to protect the coin’s price, knowing that it is sensitive to changes due to the country’s export-based economy. Traders who feel that the price of Zcash is likely to rise, should open a long position, while traders who predict a price drop as compared with JPY, should consider a short position.Trade the ZEC/JPY currency pair and stay updated on recent price changes.
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