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iShares Core 5-10 Year USD Bond ETF

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Mark Eden
Vereinigtes Königreich
Morning all. Bonds and the $USDOLLAR are back on the move this morning. Last week bonds really made some strong moves as markets got really serious about submitting to the FEDs plan and started pricing in their rate expectations. The 5-year treasury is the latest to join the 4%+ club and it peaked... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Mark Eden
Morning all. I've become intrigued by the bond market in the past couple of months as we've witnessed some really interesting correlations going on. In June we saw US bonds shoot higher when markets adjusted to a more hawkish FED who became willing to increases rates by 75bps in a single meeting... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Mohammed Hashem
🚨 💰 Dividend Alert 💰 🚨 16 Aug 2022 *This list is sorted from A to Z by ticker symbol. $AGR.US (Avangrid Inc) just set an ex-dividend date of 2022-09-01 for 0.44. $AOK just set an ex-dividend date of 2022-09-02. $BBD (Banco Bradesco ADR) just set an ex-dividend date of 2022-09-02 for 0.003729. $CMS... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Recent fears of recession due to FED policies are gonna pump the US Bond Markets. Keep out an eye on $TIP , $SHY , $GOVT , $IMTB , $ISTB , $TLT and if you want to access the 20year bonds with 3x leverage there's also this awesome ETF, $TMF . Übersetzen
Modesto Jose Asuncion Geronimo
Indicios de que la recesión está más cerca 2 de julio Desde el inicio de este año la inflación se disparó hasta niveles no vistos desde hacía 40 años por los motivos que ya todos sabemos y se han ido publicando constantemente, especialmente por las subidas de las materias primas y del petróleo, y sus... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen