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The Dash and euro currency pair are an interesting combination of an established and reputable cryptocurrency with one of the world’s most important paper currencies. In terms of total trade volume, the euro is ranked second only to the USD. What you need to know about the DASH EUR. : The are several key factors that cause fluctuations in the value of the euro. Some to watch for include: interest rates set by the European Central Bank, changes in the European political landscape and the eurozone balance of trade with the United States. The Dash, like many other cryptocurrencies, will often experience a surge in value when investor sentiment is positive about its future prospects. The value can fall, however, if investors harbour security concerns. This is commonplace when there is a significant hack on an exchange or e-wallet. Buying and selling the DASH EUR is a snap. Traders who believe the Dash will rise in value against the euro, should open a long position. Traders who believe the Dash will fall in value, should open a short position. Always remember: long means purchasing the base currency, while short means selling the base currency. Trade the DASH EUR and thousands of other assets on eToro.
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