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About Ethereum Classic / Pound

This currency pair enables trading based on the exchange rate of Ethereum Classic, an open-source blockchain cryptocurrency, and the British Pound Sterling, the official currency of the United Kingdom and additional territories. Trading ETC vs. GBP: When trading currency pairs, we pay close attention to notable factors which could influence the value of each coin. With Ethereum Classic, we follow the value of other leading cryptocurrencies, including the original Ethereum, and of course, the levels of availability and usability, which affect its worldwide credibility and value. When it comes to the British Pound Sterling, we know that the British economy is the third largest in Europe and the Sterling is the third most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market. However, reports coming from the Bank of England and certain decisions made by the British government, such as the “Brexit” decision to withdraw from the European Union, have their impact as well. Traders who believe that the Ethereum Classic price will rise against the British Pound Sterling price will open a long position and invest in the currency, while those who think otherwise will open a short position and sell. Find ETC/GBP price updates and additional relevant information on eToro.
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