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ETCJPY Ethereum Classic / Japanese Yen

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About Ethereum Classic / Japanese Yen

The ETC/JPY follows the value of each Ethereum Classic in Japanese Yen. This is a combination of a cryptocurrency, a decentralised digital blockchain asset, and the official currency of Japan. How to trade this currency pair? Since ETC was founded in 2015, following Ethereum users’ refusal to a hard fork, it is often measured against the value of the original Ethereum. Its value is also influenced by how traders worldwide generally feel towards cryptocurrency trading, as well as its availability levels and ease of trading. The JPY price is affected by the Bank of Japan and the Japanese government’s intervening decisions, which are often based on the need to protect the coin’s value in the face of Japan’s export-based economy. Japan is the world's second largest developed economy, making the Yen widely used as a reserve currency and the third most traded currency worldwide. Traders interested in this currency pair who feel that the ETC is likely to rise in value against the JPY should open a long position and purchase this currency. Those who believe that a value decrease is more likely, should open a short option and sell. Follow ETC vs JPY for more news and updates.
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