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-0.81% October 2022
-8.00% September 2022
-3.75% August 2022
12.58% July 2022
-15.38% June 2022
-8.75% May 2022
-16.28% April 2022
2.98% March 2022
0.97% February 2022
-15.55% January 2022
Guillermo Beltran
The great illusion on investments~ I’d like to talk about something I’ve been thinking a lot in the last few years: Inflation Even when it was always around.. it wasn’t as strong and dangerous as it is today.. many people like me, saw it coming.. and finally we’ll have to deal with it ”-But things aren’t... Show More
Guillermo Beltran
If you think that the stock market is having a hard time.. that's because you're not deep into DeFi or crypto in general, because this is nothing compared to what some people is bearing at $LUNA and its ecosystem. The UST ponzi will be something to remember, similar to 2018 bitconnect downfall. Once... Show More
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Guillermo Beltran
There's no doubt, this year will be unforgettable, with all the explosive markets, we're given a lot opportunities on different sectors. We started last year with a lot of technology stocks of $NSDQ100 Now we're looking at Cannabis sector, and just the @CannabisCare is getting more than... Show More
Guillermo Beltran
Some people asked me about what do I think about $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) moving the $BTC price with the recent buy... But don't confuse the rally based on speculation of the investors and traders buying on the news about it as Tesla is willing to accept BTC as form of payment.. with the suposed... Show More
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It looks like there is a problem with eToro notifications. The last notification says $LTC is down -21.5% today but actually it's not.
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I'm a computer scientist and bitcoin enthusiast. Working at a growing Investment community. Focusing on technology markets and cryptocurrencies. My investment plan is a bit diversified, with medium exposure to cryptos, stocks that I believe they're going to outperform the market in the mid to long term and ocassionally opening short term trades with some currencies like the USD/MXN. Copy me with any amount you feel confortable with.
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