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About Stellar / Australian Dollar

The Stellar and Australian Dollar pair, known by its ticker symbol as XLM AUD, is a crypto fiat currency pair on the eToro platform. The quote listed is simply the amount of Australian Dollars you can receive if you own a single coin of Stellar. Key points to consider before you start trading: The Australian Dollar, affectionately called the “Aussie” by many traders, can fluctuate in value due to a myriad of reasons. Interest rates can make the AUD more or less attractive, causing the currency’s value to adjust with levels of demand. The Australian balance of trade with other economies can also profoundly impact its direction. Unlike the Aussie, and other forms of traditional currencies, digital currencies are not affected by economic data to the same degree. XLM, and other forms of crypto, often fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably, due to speculation and sentiment by the trading community. All trades must be either long or short. Traders who believe the XLM will surge in value against the AUD, should open a long position. Those who believe the opposite, should open a short position. Learn more about the XLM AUD, and thousands of other financial assets on the eToro platform.
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