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About Stellar / New Zealand Dollar

The XLM NZD is a crypto fiat pair comprised of Stellar, an open source and decentralised cryptocurrency, and the New Zealand dollar. The NZD is considered one of the more stable major currencies in the world. XLM NZD trading tips: The Stellar digital currency, XLM, was launched in 2014. It is heavily influenced by the perceived sentiment of the global markets towards the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. Governmental regulatory decisions can also impact the value of the XLM. The NZD, like most other currencies, fluctuates in value due to financial reports and government press conferences. Some of these include the Financial Stability Report, Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence, Terms of Trade and the Manufacturing Sales report. The New Zealand economy is also closely linked with the Australian economy. As a result, a positive trend for the AUD will often be mimicked by the NZD. Traders who believe that XLM will rise in value against the NZD, should open a long position. However, traders who predict the XLM will fall in value when compared to the NZD, should open a short position. Make sure you don’t miss any important updates for this pair. Add the XLM NZD to your watchlist on the eToro platform.
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