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About Zcash / Ethereum

This pair represents the value of two leading cryptocurrencies: Zcash and Ethereum. Since they are both blockchain assets, they share certain similarities in their trading behaviour. Trade ZEC vs. ETH: The trading value of both crypto coins shifts based on global trends affecting blockchain trading and the news to which the public is exposed regarding leading coins. Zcash’s value is also influenced by the demand for the coin, which relies on its high privacy standards. Ethereum’s popularity is considered high and is only second to Bitcoin, according to many traders. The value of ETH has increased as leading companies including Walmart and Toyota have joined its network. The more globally accepted and traded each crypto asset is, the more its price is expected to increase. If you tend to believe that the price of ZEC is expected to rise as compared with ETH, open a long position. If, on the other hand, you believe that the opposite will occur, open a short position. Learn more about this instrument and trade ZEC/ETH.
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