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This currency pair compares two leading blockchain cryptocurrencies: Zcash, which was released in 2016 with the promise of making cryptocurrencies more private, and Ripple, which was released in 2012 by Ripple Labs Inc., a privately held company. Trading ZEC vs. XRP: Most crypto coins are exposed to price shifts that are the result of the overall sentiment towards the topic of crypto trading and digital financial assets. When other coins perform well, that can raise the price for all coins in their category. News and PR may influence the prices of both parts of this currency pair. With Zcash focusing on crypto privacy, news that directly discusses this topic may have a stronger impact. Another aspect that plays a part is the level of acceptance and reliability that traders assign to each coin. When leading companies and a massive number of traders join a coin’s network, they send a positive message that can lift the price. The XRP network includes over 100 financial institutions, which adds to the coin's credibility and value. If you predict that an increase in the price of ZEC will occur, open a long position. If not, consider a short one. Follow and trade ZEC/XRP for more news and updates.
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